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SADC League Established in Southern Africa

A new basketball league has been founded in Southern Africa: being named the SADC Basketball League. Last week, The Southern Times reported the founding of the new competition. The goal of the league is to make the Southern African countries more competitive as they now play a small role on the continent.


The SADC stands for the Southern African Development Community and is a inter-governmental organization. The countries cooperate with each other and exists out of 16 countries. The league takes over this name as it hopes that countries that are in this organization will join the league. Most of these countries do not perform notably well in the African main competitions, except for Angola and Mozamibque.

The League

Now, a group of basketball experts led by Zimbabwean Sunny Mbofana have established the SADC Basketball League. Mbofana is also the chairman of the Harare City Hornets, one of Zimbambwe’s premier basketball teams. In the past, he has led the soccer league of the country.

Basketball in this region has played second fiddle to north and west African countries. That means we have always failed to do well when it comes to continental and global competitions. It is against this background that we have come up with this initiative.

Sunny Mbofana

Mbofana also stated that he hoped Angolan and Mozambican teams will join the comepetition as well. The goal of the league is to be “a precursor to Basketball Africa League (BAL) and help regional teams ready themselves for the big FIBA completion”.

Thus far, the Harare City Hornets (ZIM) and Munali Suns (ZAM) have confirmed the news and are expected to play in the new league.


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