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FIBA wants BAL Champions in 2021 Intercontinental Cup

tenerife intercontinental cup

Tenerife celebrating after winning the 2020 Intercontinental Cup. © FIBA

In an interview with BallinEurope, the Secretary General of FIBA Andreas Zagklis said that he wants the BAL champions to join the FIBA Intercontinental Cup. This tournament is the federations’ Club World Cup and is hosted each year.

This year four teams participated: Virtus Bologna (winners of Europe’s Basketball Champions League), San Lorezno (champions of South America), the Rio Grande Valley Vipers (G League champions) & Iberostar Tenerife (the host). In the interview, Zagklis said that he is looking to expand the competition.

This is the second year of a large version of the Intercontinental Cup. The next step is adding the champions of Asia and the champions of Africa. This is part of the road map and this has been discussed at the executive committee of FIBA.

Zagklis talking to Ball in Europe

He also added:

“Finding a spot in the calendar for the BCL champion, the FIBA Americas champion, the G League champion [is a challenge] and, hopefully, from 2021, the Basketball Africa League champion and the FIBA Asia Champions Cup champion would be an excellent platform for us. This is a tournament which is the pinnacle for us.”

Zagklis talking to Ball in Europe

This year, Iberostar Tenerife won the league title at their home arena in Spain. It will be interesting to see if and how the African BAL champions will match up against teams from around the world.


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