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“Champions of BAL will receive $150,000”

A Bola reports that the champions of the Basketball Africa League (BAL) will receive $ 150,000. Meanwhile, the runners-up would get $75,000 and the third place $50,000.

Ferroviário de Maputo

It also states that Ferroviário from Mozambique has received $70,000 for qualifying for the first BAL season. The team invested heavily, signing Álvaro Manso & Helton Ubisse, and is happy that it qualified for the final stage.

President of Ferroviário de Maputo, Teodimiro Ângelo, said his team will look for new players. However, he notes that it is important for their club to play Mozambique players and therefore there is still discussion.

First season

The first season of the BAL will start in March 2020. A total of 12 teams will compete.


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